"Underground Training Secrets Revealed By Fast Twitch Muscle Expert Jack Cascio That Could INSTANTLY Add 3, 5, Even 10+ Inches On Your Vertical Jump"

What does every professional athlete who can Jump have in common? A lean/explosive upper body!!

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Take These Three For Example: Lebron James, Derrick Rose, Dwight Howard


It’s not a coincidence all three of these guys all have INSANELY ripped body’s!!  That said, I will touch more on some professional athletes later and explain to you how they ALL possess a few common traits:

  • Explosive Upper Body
  • Low Body Fat
  • Explosive Core Strength

Now, I’m sure you’re thinking this sounds a little crazy, but in the next few minutes you will understand exactly why it’s so important to have a strong upper body when trying to increase your vert.


Check out the pushups I can do now! I am by far the most explosive baseball player at my D1 college. When we tested I broke the standing vertical jump record for my college and I did it as a Freshman. I owe it all to your program!

-Carl Sugihara

I Have 3 Important Questions That I’d Like You To Ask Yourself..!

  1. Do you want to jump higher?
  2. Are you curious as to how your upper body can be holding you back from dunking?
  3. Are you willing to give up 15 minutes 3 days a week to add 3’’, 6’’, or even 8’’+ inches to your vert?

If you answered yes to the 3 questions above then you NEED to do yourself a favor and learn this earth shattering vertical jump breakthrough!!

I can’t tell you how many emails I’ve received from athletes explaining how they’re just inches away from dunking, or they can touch rim but just want to finally hang on it.

You aren’t the only one who wants more on their vertical jump!  I spent years, and continue until this day to revolutionize the way athletes train to increase their vertical jump.  I have helped thousands of athletes throw down their first dunk, but there are still many out there who need help.

Lucky for you…I have something to share that I have always kept close and highly secret. I can add 3?, 5?, even 8? inches to anyone’s vertical jump in 15 minutes or less per workout!!

Warning: ONLY ADVANCED/HARDWORKING ATHLETES should continue to read.

I say only advanced hard working athletes should read this because this workout is for someone who is truly dedicated to increasing their vertical jump.

Did I Mention Girls LOVE Ripped Athletes?

Who am I to guarantee results?
  • I created the hottest jump program online “Jump Out The Gym” and have helped thousands of athletes reach their goals.
  • I was featured on ESPN twice for my personal jumping videos.
  • I used to be EXACTLY where you’re at right now!! Frustrated that I couldn’t dunk/jump higher.  I wasn’t born with the genetic gift to dunk.


It’s Obvious Why No One Has Ever Released Any Program Like This:

No one has ever released a workout like this because they don’t even have the upper body strength to do it in the first place.  There isn’t another vertical jump coach out there who can do the upper body explosive exercises like me and you can tell them I said that!! :)

Tell me one trainer who can do this:

Now, I know you’re probably thinking why in the world did I even start doing these types of exercises for my upper body?  Well, to be honest…I was just a few inches away from dunking and I wanted to get every advantage possible so I could achieve my goal.

After I started noticing CRAZY vertical jump gains I started doing some research…Check out this chart:

Name Weight Body Fat Bench Vert
Derrick Rose 195 4.5% Body Weight x10 40’’
Lebron James 260 6.7% Body Weight x12 42’’
Nate Robinson 181 6.5% Body Weight x17 46’’






**Numbers are based on 1 rep max**

What do all three of these high flyers have in common?

Low body fat, and the ability to bench their own weight multiple times.  I can go on for days showing the correlation between body fat, upper body strength/power, and how high you can jump.

Some vertical jump programs will have a upper body template to follow but I can guarantee you they are not adding in explosive upper body exercises.  These upper body workouts may actually be KEEPING YOU from making more gains.  If they are bulk lifts, they could actually weigh you down and effect your maximum power output.

So how do we fix this problem so you guys can lower your body fat, and get the explosive upper body you need to add those extra inches you need!

If you want to get the maximum out of your upper body your workout must target 4 key components!

  1. It must recruit fast twitch muscle fibers to the large muscles of your upper body.
  2. It must have proper rest intervals both between exercises, and workouts for proper recovery time.
  3. It must keep you lean so your body fat stays low.
  4. It must progressively get harder to avoid any chances of hitting a wall with your strength gains.

Now… there are hundreds of mistakes athletes are making with their upper body workouts.  But if you focus on these four components you will soon reap the benefits and add those stingy final inches to your vert.

Take a look at what others had to say about the GetUPperBody Workout….


The key to “Learning How To Utilize Your Upper Body” is learning from someone who actually has an extremely explosive upper body.  Someone who had to dig deep and find every advantage to gain the inches needed to DUNK!!

That’s where I come in…

Like I mentioned above, I have been featured on ESPN twice, I am dedicated and certified to provide you with the best possible workouts around, and I too was in your position not too long ago.  I was not blessed with the gift to jump extremely high.  I had to work hard and find every advantage I could possibly find so I could be the best and look how it worked out for me:

What Are Other People Saying About The Get Up Workout?







I just wanted to thank you for creating the “Get Up” Workout”.  It has not only made me extremely explosive, but I have seen a increase in my athleticism pretty much over night!  The exercises in the program were very unique and fun!

-Chris James


Thanks so much for the Get Up Workout!!  Everyone of my lifts has gone up!!  I can rep 500 lbs on deadlift 8 times now and my body feels better than ever!  Oo ya, and I can easily DUNK now!!

-Tristan Humbles

So What Exactly Am I Offering You Today?

Module 1- Are You Ready?? (Testing) $37 Value

In this module I will run you through a brief explanation of how to properly warm up your upper body.  This module will gauge whether you are a beginner or advanced and place you into the proper program.  There is no point to working out if you aren’t doing the proper exercises needed for your strength level!!

  • Are your shoulders strong enough?
  • Is your core Stabilized?
  • Do you have muscle deficiencies?
  • How athletic are you really?

Module 2- The Beginner “Get Up Workout” $57 Value

Many of you will NOT be able to do the advanced workout due to lack of upper body strength and stability.  This workout will get your muscles prepared for the craziest exercises your body will ever perform.  To be the best you have to start somewhere!! Inside you will:

  • Build foundational strength
  • Balance and stabilize your upper body creating efficient explosive muscles
  • Get ready for the Advanced Workout
  • Start to shed body fat getting you soaring in the sky.


Module 3- The Advanced “Get Up Workout” $57 Value

This workout is no joke!!  Be ready for the most athletically challenging workout you have ever done.  By athletically challenging, I don’t mean you’ll want to puke…This workout will separate the men from the boys, and the athletically gifted from the not so gifted. This workout:

  • Consists of various explosive pushup and pullup varieties guaranteed to get you “Jumping Out The Gym”
  • Will challenge your athleticism to an entirely new level!!
  • Uncovers some of the most intense exercises that only TOP athletes can do!!


Module 4- Feeding Your Core $37 Value

Module 4 will dissect why athlete lose energy when they jump because their core strength isn’t where it should be.

  • Learn how to properly eat to INSTANTLY strengthen your core.
  • An exact list of food items broken down into carbs, fats, and protein that you should live by forever!!
  • Discover why having a 6 pack doesn’t mean you have a strong core and what few changes you can make to immediately make your core more powerful than ever.


Module 5- Standing Vertical Jump Technique $37 Value

(How your arms can get you 3-5 inches INSTANTLY)  If you are planning on going to any showcases, camps, or combines, and you want to have a serious testing advantage, you’re going to want to see what this module is all about…This module will break down:

  • How to make college coaches jaws drop when they test your standing vert!!
  • How to INSTANTLY add 3+ inches with just one change to your hand placement!
  • How to use every ounce of energy you have to get the most out of every single jump when the pressure is on!


Module 6- Program Integration $37 Value

I can’t tell you how many times I get asked how to implement multiple workouts together… You Name It, This Module Will Teach You How To Integrate The “Get Up Workout” with your current program Whether It Be:

  • A Jump Program You Are Currently Doing
  • A Weight Lifting Program
  • The Middle Of Your Athletic Season
  • Off Season MANDATORY Workouts For Your School Or AAU Team
  • You Name It This Module Will Have Your Answers!

Module 7- What Are You Putting In Your Body? $37 Value

Module 7 will tell you exactly what you should ALWAYS eat, SOMETIMES eat, and RARELY eat.  With this module you will learn:

  • What power foods will get you soaring above your competition
  • What foods are literally holding you down to the ground
  • What snack you can eat after your workout that could literally add inches over night!!
  • A simple go-to chart that will tell you what you should always eat, sometimes eat, and NEVER eat!
  • How much water you should be drinking.  Discover the exact equation guys like Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, and Derrick Rose use to assure they properly hydrated.



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The Get Up Workout is literally the first system of its kind.  You won’t find anything like this because I will go on a limb and say there isn’t a single vertical jump coach who can even do the types of exercises you will be doing in no time!!  So here’s what I am GUARANTEEING you…

  • A more explosive upper body- making you jump higher
  • Lower body fat- making you jump higher
  • A periodized workout that progressively gets harder- making you jump higher
  • A strengthened/stabilized CORE – making you jump higher

All of this is GUARANTEED, and each workout takes 15 minutes or LESS!!

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